We want to make our patients safe by reducing the risk of your being in contact with Influenza while at the medical centre.

These are the things that you can do:

If you think that you have been in contact with Swine flu, please phone and ask for advice before coming in.

Symptoms of influenza Symptoms of a cold
Sudden onset of moderate to severe illness Mild illness
Fever Occasional mild fever
Headache (may be severe) Mild headache
Muscle aches, shivering No muscular pain
Cough Occasional cough
Sore throat  

If you have these symptoms and have an appointment please do not come and wait in our waiting room.

Take a mask from the desk, tell the receptionist that you are here and then wait in your car or if this is not possible please inform our staff who will direct you an appropriate area.

Home management of influenza
Plenty of fluids
Regular paracetamol

Reasons for concern, phone and ask for advice

Difficulty breathing
Decreased urine output/ dehydration
Severe headaches