Driving Medical Information for Papanui Medical Centre

Papanui Medical Centre Medical practitioners have a clinical and legal responsibility to determine that those who continue to drive are safe, and to protect the driver and other road users from harm.

It is compulsory for private car and motorcycle driver licence holders (classes 1 and 6) to provide a satisfactory medical certificate to renew their licence at 75, 80 and every 2 years after. Expiry dates for commercial classes, including passenger endorsement to drive a taxi vary.

It is the driver’s responsibility to prove that they are medically fit. They may have to undergo more tests or assessment before you have sufficient information to confirm this.

The Medical Certificate is completed by the Patient’s usual General Medical Practitioner, in order to minimise any extra testing which may be needed. The testing required includes some physical checks, Visual checks, co-ordination checks, and assessment of Cognitive function (thinking and mental processing check). Your Regular Doctor is best placed to do this with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Our Patients approaching these milestone Birthdays should receive an email (or letter) a couple of months before the date of their appropriate Birthdays. This is to remind you to give enough time to remind you to book an appointment with your regular Doctor in advance of this Birthday(in case the Doctor is unavailable for a period of time). This may involve a nurse appointment prior to you Doctor appointment (at the discretion of your Regular Doctor). If requested, please attend this appointment.

When coming for your Driving Medical appointment please make sure to bring your glasses for both driving and regular use.

Please see the Reference below which is the current NZ Transport Association information on Medical Requirements for Driving in New Zealand.


If you require further information please contact our Reception Team at Papanui Medical Centre and they will direct you appropriately.