Patient information regarding mask wearing and patient flows

Mask wearing is no longer required in healthcare settings.  We do still continue to encourage mask wearing when attending Papanui Medical Centre as Covid and other respiratory infections remain in our community.  We will continue to provide masks at our reception for patients and our clinical staff will continue to wear masks.  If you would like to wait in your car please advise reception.

We will still be checking for cold or flu symptoms – please advise when you call as patients with respiratory symptoms will continue to be managed as before and asked to wait in your car until contacted by the doctor.

Our Healthcare Assistant team are working closely with the medical team.  You may receive a text message from them asking you to meet them prior to your appointment with the doctor.

If you have mild or moderate cold or flu symptoms, are generally well and wanting advice – please call the Healthline number is 0800 358 5453.

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